10 Questions and a Blurry Selfie with Eric Moorer


Eric Moorer is easily my favorite person in the Pittsburgh restaurant industry. Here's a photo of us that I took last week on a camera that I really only know how to use when it is food, on the same background (always), in natural light. See my Instagram for proof. Also, here's his Instagram. If you follow him, you'll infrequently find photos of the bottom half of a bottle of wine on your feed. 

I asked him 10 questions. Here they are. 

How do you feel about orange wine? I don't like the term orange wine, but I'm a big fan of skin contact white wines. They add a different texture and complexity.

Top 5 places to drink wine in Pittsburgh?* Bar Marco, The Allegheny Wine Mixer, Poulet Bleu, Spoon, Dianoia's. 

Top recommendation for springtime day drinking on your wine list? Terres Blondes Gamay from Loire Valley, with a slight chill. (Available at or, The Whale).

What has excited you the most about the Pittsburgh restaurant scene in the past year? Meeting people who are excited about working in this industry, people who are interested in making themselves better and pushing themselves forward in Pittsburgh.

Current food or wine trend you LOVE? Serving wine at the right temperature.

Current food or wine trend you HATE? People shitting on natural wine.

If three fictional characters could work in the same restaurant as you, who would they be and what positions would they work? Jay Gatsby would work as the general manager, for his ability to make people feel warm, welcome and cared about. George Costanza would work as the host because there would be all sorts of terrible things that would happen and it would be very entertaining. Lastly would be Patrick Bateman — he would be a server because he's extraordinarily vain and does just enough to get by. 

Give me a few non-wine-related book recommendations. Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey — fictional history and stories based around the city of Los Angeles. Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon. Really great story that gave me a different perspective on the city I grew up in. Lastly, Invisible Monsters by Chuck Pahlaniuk, which is an interesting take on our own vanity and beauty standards.

You have one week to prepare a multi course meal for a group of people. What are you making and who are you inviting?  Rose Gerber. Dom Fiore from Bar Marco. Geoff Rickley from Thursday. Arianna Occhipinti — she's a winemaker from Italy. Alice Feiring — a winewriter. I would serve them a bunch of things that my mom made for me growing up. A simple bruschetta, shrimp scampi, and banana pudding.

Five favorite people in the Pittsburgh restaurant industry. Dom from Bar Marco. Nicole from Dianoa's. Cat from Federal Galley. Cecil from the DeShantz group. Alex Dando from the Commoner. 

*besides or, The Whale